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“No Kiss Oh” – Bride denied her groom a kiss on their wedding (Video)

Bride denied her groom a kiss

A viral video has shown the moment a Nigerian bride refused her groom a kiss on their wedding day because she didn’t want him to ruin her gorgeous makeup.

The video captivated moment the beautiful bride and her handsome groom were getting reading to head to Church for their white wedding and decided to take some pictures before leaving.

The bride’s makeup artist had just finished making her up when her husband-to-be pulled up from behind, wrapped his hands around her waist and wanted to plant a kiss on her lips as they posed for a photoshoot.

Despite, the lady stopped the man from kissing her and said “No kiss oh” while pulling away from his embrace to secure her face beat.

Believing it was a joke, the groom made an extra attempt to kiss her but she again emphasised “Just do as if you want to kiss but don’t kiss” and this time, spectators couldn’t help but burst into an unusual session of laughter.

Watch video of the adorable couple as posted by Wedding Digest below;

While many applauded the lay for being real and not faking it, others were of the opinion that the bride’s action is proof that she does not sincerely love her man.

Check out some reactions below;


Bride denied her groom a kiss

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